12 Months, 12 days, 12 hours…

One year, one month, one day; life changes in an instant!  One year ago today, I was waking up to an unexpected surprise.  Having been on and off again with my long term boyfriend, I was kind of surprised to see an email from him when I awoke about midday (the joy of night shift sleep).  We had been kinda arguing and not at the best place when I opened the email.  I was half asleep, so I glanced, tried to process and went back to sleep. It vaguely registered that he had emailed me a proposal!  As in the THE Question many girls want!  To Marry him!  He had asked me to marry him!!!  Quite honestly I thought, he must be out of his mind.

engagement ringI went back to sleep and went into work that evening, not really thinking much of it. Later that evening, we connected and he brought it up, thinking perhaps I was ignoring the email (as was my nature to do).  He was SERIOUS! He meant it!  He asked me directly face to face to marry him and life changed…in less than a 12 hour shift. Less than a moment.

And now 12 months later, life has changed again.  We are no longer together.  We have both moved on and seem to be happier for it.

Marking the time of One Year, brings me new thoughts and revelations about how fast life changes.  How quickly we go from happy to sad,  from joy to sorrow, from laughter to tears.  This day does not hold any negative emotions, but a reminder that once upon a time, there was a boy who asked a girl to marry him.  She said yes.  But they did not end up happily ever after together….but perhaps they are both happier ever after.

Time continues to march on for each of us.  A year later and I wouldn’t trade where I am at.  There are new adventures to be had.  New people to meet.   New ideas to create.  New places to explore.  Whether life changes in 12 months, 12 days, 12 hours or 12 minutes, embrace the new!  Sometimes the view a year later is so much brighter than you can imagine.  The possibilities so endless that you can barely contain the joy in embracing them and moving forward!

How do you embrace the changes, unexpected or unplanned? The ones that bring pain but also joy?  Time continues on, how do you mark the changes?

Choose Joy.


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