Where does your soul find rest?

It’s that time of year again!   The end of the summer, last trip before we must return to the regularly scheduled program of school and work.  In my house, this often means a ROAD TRIP!  This summer though, I have been recovering from back surgery and can not sit in a car long enough for a long car ride.

So we hopped a flight and landed in Montana last night!  The air is hazy with all the fire smoke, a bit heavy and dry, but it’s MONTANA!  For those who know me, know that my soul is at rest, my heart light and my body relaxed as I just breathe in the Montana air (no matter the quality).   This is home to me.   Not because I was born or raised here, but because I found myself here.

I believe that where you venture out on your own, is a place you will always be drawn to. Where you have explored, found the local haunts and met new friends.   No matter how long it has been since you have been there, this place will always have special meaning.

I found my place about 25years ago!  For me this is Montana.

And every year, I venture back, even if for one day, to place my toes in Montana soil.  I bring my kids here so they can see what their mama looks like in her special place.  I want them to understand my draw to the Big Sky,  the mountains and to a place that for me the pace of life is calmer.  I want these kids to understand they too can find a special place; they can venture into new lands and explore.  That one day I hope they take me along and show me where their soul finds peace and rest.

Where is your special place?  That place you explored.  Learned the streets and routes; hideouts, parks, coffee shops or favorite restaurants.   Do you ever go back and see if it still brings a smile to your face just to drive down old streets?  Do you take your kids or partner and show them a piece of you that they may not see in day to day life?  If you have not found this place, look for it.  Be open to finding it.  Let it seek you.  There is somewhere that when you breathe the air, place heel to toe on the pavement,  your soul sighs a happy contentment.  Find it.  Let it breathe new life into you, every time you go there.

Signing off now…I’ve got some Montana places to get to.


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