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I like to talk.  I spend time with those who like to talk.  I am pretty sure most of my phone conversations are at least an hour long.  When friends come over, we talk for hours. Sometimes we barely move from our seats as we have so much to say.  When I get to my best friends, oh my!   I am not sure we notice the man or kids around as we have lots to catch up on.

I also love quotes; words in general.  I have quotes all around my house.  In probably almost every room is some quote or just a one-word wall hanging.  My personal Pinterest page is full of quotes that I love or that inspire me. And an entire board of cool words that I like the sound or meaning of.

I like to write so I guess this attachment to words makes sense.  I wrote poetry as a kid to try to understand my emotions or to just escape the angst of those teen years.  I am always writing down ideas for the books I will someday write; starting storylines I will one day finish.  I carry paper and pen almost everywhere I go so I can jot down a thought before I lose it.

As I woke up today, I was struck by the importance we put on words.  We can often be hurt by words said or even unsaid.  We can be lifted up or torn down by things others say to us, or by what we tell ourselves.   But all I could think was how sometimes words are just words.  We often place such a high value on the words we say;  we can forget about actions.

This particular subject was the topic of a recent conversation with a friend.   Their viewpoint was to always speak the truth. That we should be using our words to help others, that we need to share the truths.  And as I do not disagree, my view is more from the place that we sometimes need to know our audience and accept that some are not able to hear beyond the words and see the meaning.  See the intent.  In order to not make ourselves frustrated, perhaps we should focus more on the words we tell ourselves.

I find that some days I really struggle with this need to speak the truth.  With the desire to share what I know to be the reality of certain situations and people.  But then I remember; I am focused on MY growth.  On being the BEST ME; for me, for my kids, for those I choose to keep in my life.  Not to be selfish, but to focus on what I can do to be better, that perhaps it is not part of my path to help certain people.

Sometimes the need to speak or say something should be held in check.  Maybe I don’t always need to be the “wordy chick.”  Maybe I should learn to hold my tongue.  I don’t need to speak the truth to those who do not really wish to hear it.  It is not my job to educate those who do not desire to learn.  Perhaps those that wish to hear, will be the ones I was meant to impact.

My first post on this blog was all about how much can change in one year.  The growth that comes when we choose the right, better path.  Sometimes this is very hard to do.  It does not come without a lot of words, conversations to help us through and actions to back up the choices.

But if we only focus on words and do not follow up with actions, we will never grow or change.  We will sit on the sofa instead of getting up for a walk.  We will watch TV instead of learning that new skill.  Watch others take adventures, try new things, check things off their bucket lists, but not accomplish our own.  Words are important, but the actions we take are so much more so.  Words can sometimes be just words.

I hope you are surrounded in your life with those that will speak freely and honestly. That they give you words to help you be a better you; encourage you.  And when needed, put those words into actions.  Most importantly I hope you take those words and apply an action to them YOURSELF.  Speak words to yourself that build you up, that help you grow, that will teach you and then take the actions needed to accomplish new goals, reach those dreams and be the BEST YOU.

Another installment of a random thought.  🙂
I hope you have a great day and as always please send me your thoughts.


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