Thank you all so much for the comments and the support from this blogging community.  Most of you understand the point of posting about NPD.  But it seems there may be some confusion for some, so thought I’d clear that up.

As I’ve stated,  I started this blog as an outlet for my life experiences.  To help myself and other women find our best selves.  By sharing the good and the bad,  we help each other heal and grow. As women it can be hard to take care of ourselves, I want to offer ways to do that.

Life was moving in that direction very well, till I was found at a computer 2 weeks ago at my job.  Had I just said “no,  you can’t talk to me, no you can’t touch me, no don’t tell me you love me,”  maybe I’d not feel compelled to share the truth of what knowing a person with NPD is like.  Or what all the stages of a relationship with one is like.  But that did happen and as my posts have explained my world was rocked again.

I was minding my own business,  just doing my job when the Narc has to find me,  make sure I’m still a viable source of supply.  Those who know about NPD, know this was just out of their playbook.  I should’ve known better,  I do now.

So I write to say…if this is happening to you, get away asap!  Go absolutely no contact.   And if they make contact,  find a way to make it known.  Mostly to your world,  so your family and friends know how to help.

I choose to blog.  To share about NPD because it’s the story of my life.  I will share ANY time contact is made because I’m tired of not being left alone.  I’m tired of being called names, or lied about that I’m the one seeking contact.  I have made contact in the past, but not for awhile.  Since being in his house again, seeing the walls streaming with new “family” pics.  I don’t want anything to do with the Narc.  The psychologists here… maybe you have further insight into why I’m still being contacted; stalked, when I have moved on, supposedly the Narc has as well?  Why does he need to come “check on his ex?” Why “clear the air?”  Why the need to create more lies, when he knows there’s always proof to show the truth?

This is my blog.  My attempt to help others by sharing my life story.   If folks don’t like it… please rewatch the last video… you don’t have to read this.

Thank you, hopefully, confusion is cleared up.  I have moved on with my life,  now if only the Narcs in this world would leave me be.

PS: I wanted to update this…a great list of how to break away from this abuse:


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