Friday’s Word 

Happy Friday everyone.  Seeing as this is WordyChick…I thought I would start a new thread all about words and their meanings.  I love learning, I am usually taking some kind of class or attempting to learn a new skill.  With being a writer, one needs to have a decent vocabulary, so this seems like a great way to learn new words together.

Not that every word needs to be incorporated into your writing, some words are just fun to know or say.   One of my favorite words to say is a Spanish word; Biblioteca.   I love how it sounds and what it means, do you know the definition?

In wanting to spend more time writing the books I have started and broaden my own vocabulary, now seems a great time to bring you a cool, weekly word.   This week’s word seems fitting this morning as we welcome back the rain and are in full Fall here in the Northwest corner of the US.

It’s exceptionally beautiful in the Fall, everything is red, orange, yellow.  Most definitely a favorite time of year.  Seeing how many of us come back here, after leaving…perhaps this vocab word is fitting.

Today’s word:

So there is a word for it



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