Tuesday Treasures #3

Treasure:  Noun: “anything or person greatly valued or highly prized”
Verb:  “to regard or treat as precious; cherish.”

Cherish: Verb: “to hold or treat as dear; feel love for, to care for tenderly; nurture

It’s the last day of October and that means celebrating Halloween here in my neighborhood.  Even though my kids are all big now, this still means a costume, treats and somewhat scary movies.  As I look around at all that have dressed up, the treasure I think on today is about celebrations and traditions.

Yesterday we celebrated my youngest’s birthday and I love the traditions we have as a family to try to make each one of us feel special.  For my kids, that means their Auntie makes them their favorite cupcakes.  This is a special treat every year they look forward to and makes them feel loved and treasured.   The birthday girl or boy also gets to pick whatever they want for dinner on their special day.

I think traditions are an important and valuable way we can show each other what we hold dear.  Some traditions give us the opportunity to teach our children how to create memories and how to cherish others.  They allow us to show others they matter to us, such as in birthday traditions and how important the entire family is, such as in a weekly family meal, or a holiday gathering.

Not all holidays are celebrated by everyone and that is ok.  Halloween is not my particular favorite, but I love that many folks take the time to follow their traditions and keep making memories.

It doesn’t have to be a holiday or birthday to create traditions.  You may have weekly things that you do as a family that create the same kind of memories for you and yours.  Maybe you take a family trip every year.  Or share the same stories on a specific day of the year.  Or maybe you give each year to a cause that matters to you, teaching the value of helping others.

However you can, I encourage you to take the time to create cherished traditions.  No matter if they are holiday related or not.  These create a positive memory usually and we can always use more of those.

I would love to hear what traditions you have.  Perhaps one of yours will spark a new one for my family or another.

Enjoy Halloween if you celebrate it!



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