Map It—-Tuesday Treasures #4

Treasure:  Noun: “anything or person greatly valued or highly prized”
Verb:  “to regard or treat as precious; cherish.”

Cherish: Verb: “to hold or treat as dear; feel love for, to care for tenderly; nurture


I love maps!  Maps of all kinds. Nautical maps.  World maps.  State maps.  The Road Atlas we use on road trips.  Anything that shows new places.  With the lines drawn for roads, highways, cities, national monuments etc.  Maps are like are like a treasure to me.  They seem to have a certain feel and sometimes even a smell.  They open the door to the possibilities of different routes to unknown, new or even familiar places.  When I hold a map in my hand, it’s as if the first step to an exciting adventure has been taken.

Being a planner by nature, a roadmap is essential to any trip.  Even in today’s technological world, there is still a necessity to owning and reading a map.  Not all those exciting locations are updated in our GPS systems. The too tiny of a town, in the middle of nowhere or the off-beaten trail road, isn’t used so not listed as an alternative route.

But as we journey through this life, we can’t always follow a map.  There is no road map to tell us how to parent.  How to deal with changes or loss or anything unexpected.   We often think we can read a book and apply the new ideas. While yes we utilize these tools to help us, many parts of life are done on a “wing it” basis.   We do the best we can to navigate and hope to arrive at the destination we wanted.  Sometimes we get this right, other times not and often have many surprises along the way.

I just celebrated a birthday and see so many new things coming this next year.  New job opportunities, new adventures as I soon have a college-bound student and new travels.  Many of these are surprises and could be met with trepidation, but instead, I am attempting to grow and see them as exciting.

Today’s treasure is to celebrate the unknown and the unexpected.  There are so many things to value and cherish in this life if we can learn to embrace them as such.  Instead of always needing a map, a list, one particular way of doing things, may we be more open to trying new things, learning other ways of doing things and to sometimes throw the map out and go off the grid.  Maybe we can learn to create our own map, our own paths as we navigate this great treasure we have called life.





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