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Friday’s Word (6)


Today, I’m in pain.  I am back to hitting the gym hard and creating the physical body that I want.  Its’s not enough to just work on our minds, we need a healthy body as well if we are to be our best selves.

As I attempt to build my physical strength back,  I’m learning my body can’t do all (yet) that my mind wants it to.  I’m having to learn to persevere through the pain,  the impatience and keep moving.  I have to see the slow progress as still progress.  I’m learning that walking will eventually lead to running.  That the weights I want to lift, will become heavier, my strength will return, if I persevere and do not give up!

So even as my back is tired and sore, I will persist through obstacles and keep moving forward.  Thinking about today’s word,  these quotes spoke to me as well:



I like to post quotes or words that help push me,  motivate and keep me going,  especially on tough days.  We do not quit, we keep on.

Let me know what are some of your quotes that speak to you…


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