Moving on up!

It’s been a little over a year now since my life was turned upside down.  December 1 last year began a new chapter in a new home, finally a house to rent with my children.  And here we are decorating for another Christmas a year later.

As many of my posts have explained, this year was not an easy one.  Having my tires slashed on Thanksgiving was a very shocking awakening to the type of human I had been involved with.  Breaking up with a Narc is not a simple or one time task.  It has taken almost a whole another year to be in this place.  But having finally gone No Contact has improved my life, my children’s lives, and those close to me.  We no longer suffer at the hands of the Joy Stealers.

And part of going No Contact is no longer giving the Narc any more of my time or energy.  I think I have explained a lot of what dating someone with NPD is like, how the breakup is and how much work is involved to heal.   As I am still healing and moving forward, I want to focus on all the things I started this blog for.

I write to process emotions and help myself work through all these thoughts in my head.  I write to hopefully offer some value from these experiences.  I started a blog so I would stop posting all over FB inspirational quotes or long over wordy posts.  I gave into a desire that I have always had to write.  And having worked through a lot of the Narc abuse, having shared with you all about it, has helped me so much to get on that road to recovery, I am ready to let the topic go for now.  Once we are on that recovery road, once we are through the fog of hooverng and triangulation, we can start to see clear skies again and offer more.  I didn’t start a blog to only discuss this one experience.  This moment had a huge impact on my life, but it is not the one and only that defines me.

I am aware that I could continue to write more about NPD, perhaps someday I will compile this entire experience into a book of sorts, but for now, I just want to continue on with enjoying this life.  We have so much more than one experience to offer, our lives if we let them are a constant opportunity to learn and grow.   Let’s keep moving on up to new adventures, new ideas, new chances, challenging ourselves to create the lives we truly enjoy.

I hope you have learned things that may have helped you understand NPD.  I hope that if you are suffering from abuse, you educate yourself, you seek out help, you do everything in your power to get safe and healthy again.  This life is too short and too precious to allow the Narc or any type of abuser to steal any more from us.  I am moving on up…I hope you join me, we have new roads to travel.   We have new joys to embrace.


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