For those that read this blog to help them get through NPD and the abuse that comes with loving a Narc,  I thought I would give you a few of the blogs that I have found and devoured in learning about this and have proven very helpful for me.  I am a reader so having something tangible to read, is a great source of therapy.  Writing about it all has been another.  Here’s to healing!

This blog and site are written by a Narcissist.   His words are spot on, many of the blog posts I have read have been just about exact/verbatim to my experience.  It’s truly a scary thought how well he seems to know the guy I dealt with.   

and a couple specific posts:

This is a blog I have referenced before, worth it to add it as a continued reference.

And this is another blog that explores many different psychology topics, sometimes about narcissism that I think are well written and helpful:

I will still blog the healing journey as it is relevant, as more time of No Contact goes by, but for now, it seems healthier to end this topic.  To stop giving the narc anymore of my time.  He didn’t deserve it before, even less so now.  Even these blogs I reference recommend to stop dwelling on it.  I am finally at that point of believing I’m better off and dodged a bullet.  Here’s to continued recovery and happier life.  

Hope these help,  when you need it.  

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