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New Horizons

This week marks the beginning of a new adventure. The one where I venture into the sunlight (when it returns here in the north west). Where sleeping becomes a reality once again. For a few years now, I have worked at night and slept during the day. For many, this works, but for me, this has disrupted my life. Leaves me exhausted and cranky. A bit short tempered and not very motivated. Things I cannot stand to be and yet when lacking sleep on a continual basis, cannot seem to control very well. So I have finally left that world behind!

As I adjust to this change, Wordy Chick too will change. I will be posting on a more regular basis, sharing new ideas, and new material. I will also have some guest posts and new formats. I will be creating more, working on projects and be sharing those as well.

I continue to work on becoming the best me…I hope you continue to join me. Talk to you soon. ❤


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