8 (and 1/2) ways to bring beauty into your home on a budget

Tonight I thought I would revisit an older post and add a few updates.

For a very long time, money was extremely tight in my single mama household.  The idea of spending $4.99 for a bouquet of 5 tulips I could not spare.  And I love tulips!  I love flowers!  This is one of the only things I ever request for my birthday or as a special gift.  But this was a luxury that I could not afford very often.

I have found throughout the lean years that we could still create beauty even on a shoestring budget.  That it does not take much to brighten our homes and we gain an opportunity to be creative.

Here are a few things you can do to create beauty in your home and life, on less or for even no money at all.

  1. Find a single flower that you like.  If you can, buy just one.  Place the single flower in a small vase, set it by your bedside so you see it when you go to bed and when you wake up.  This will be something that makes you smile, which is an extra bonus for your family.
  2. Plant your favorite flower in a pot or in your yard if you can.  When this blooms, pick a flower each week and do the same as before, either place near the bed or in the bathroom, where you get to see as you start and end each day.
  3. Look through old cards and if they have a photograph or picture that you like, frame them.  Often times we keep cards from birthdays or anniversaries, but we put them in a box and do not really think about them again.  Bring them out.  See if any have sentiments that would bring you joy to read on a regular basis.  Or perhaps the card itself was beautiful, frame it. Set it on your desk or counter where you can look at every day.  Let it fill you with joy.   3b.  If you have many of these cards, you could create a collage of them or frame a set of them, as a collection, up on a wall.  
  4. Go for a walk in a park that you love, take your cell phone and take pictures of the scenery.  Take a few of them and have them printed out. You can now print from your cell at numerous places.  Put these on the fridge.  Frame them.  Stick them on the bathroom mirror.  Seeing your own photography of items you love, adds to the joy.
  5. If you can draw or paint, go to Pinterest or online and find a picture or image and recreate it.  You can find paints, small canvases or a drawing pad for under $5 at many different craft places.  Being creative is a great way to bring your own brand of beauty into your home.
  6. When looking online, if you cannot draw or paint (as I can’t) print out the images you like.  There are lots of options to finding free pictures, as long as you are not looking to sell other peoples art, you should be able to print these out.  If you can not afford to frame them, make a wall collage of 6 or 9 small pictures. Make them bright and colorful or black and white.  Just something cohesive that pleases your eye.   I have an old collection of postcards that are all in pink, framing 3 of them creates a nice wall hanging for one of my bathrooms.  Simple, pleasing and easy to do.
  7. Ask a friend that is creative to re-make the item you find pretty.   If you can not re-create it and you have friends that can ask them.  To keep it less expensive or free, offer an exchange for what you are good at.  I can not draw to save my life, but I can sew.  If I wanted a beautiful picture recreated, I could ask my sis-in-law who paints beautifully and in exchange, I could make her a quilt.  Utilize your friend’s strengths, offer your own as well.  Folks like to be helpful and useful; this could be a great opportunity for someone to showcase their own talents.  Which creates a whole other level of self-care and helps others.
  8. Or even (possibly) better, have your children create your art.  Let them draw, paint, or color you a picture.  It could be anything they wish or you could give them direction.  I am thinking perhaps I should ask my bigger kids to do this.  They could draw me some flowers, I could frame them, then I would have them always.  Or you could make this a tradition and keep a scrapbook of their drawings, that you leave out, like a coffee table book, but with your families’ art.  What a great conversation piece and a way to bring a mama some special joy.

Creating beauty in our homes does not have to be hard, expensive or take a lot of time. We are often short on time and energy, so thinking about making our spaces more beautiful instead of just functional can be something we rarely get around to.  But when you put just a tiny bit of time into creating spaces that you truly love, you are able to relax more.  Able to rest more and recharge.  Looking at things you enjoy can’t help but bring positive thoughts more to the forefront of your mind.  This is just one way you can take care of yourself.  Create spaces you love.  Bring beauty in however you can.

Let me know if you have any ideas to add to the list.  Tell me how you create beauty on a budget in your own home.  I love hearing new ideas.

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