T-minus 36hours!  That is all that is left till my first baby, my oldest, my only daughter graduates high school.  An entire year early!  The tears fill my eyes so easily these days as I watch her work hard to complete this goal she has set.  Seeing all that she has accomplished the past 9months to graduate and head off to college, makes me so proud.  Sometimes the emotions are overwhelming.  Pride and excitement along with some sadness as we enter into a new phase of this parenting journey.

As others are entering this stage, know that you are not alone on the path of letting go while still desiring to hold on.  That we enter this new arena of almost-adulthood and yet can still recall all those moments of childhood that have passed by so incredibly fast.

To those with little ones, hold on extra tight.  And breathe through the moments that seem endless and exhausting.  Soon enough they will be letting go of your hand to run out into this great big world!  And to those in the middle when these beautiful beings that we love beyond rational reason, are driving us into possible madness with their anger and frustration as they navigate the middle teen years. Know that this will pass and they have actually listened to the wisdom you have been trying as patiently as possible to instill.

For those of you that are about to celebrate graduation along with me–Great Job!  You Did It!  We made it!  We raised up the next generation!  Pat yourself on the back!  Be proud that you have helped guide and mold another human that is going to impact the world!

Time has flown, faster than I could possibly imagine!  I wouldn’t trade any of these moments, for they have helped us arrive here, to this beautiful place!

So proud of you baby girl!   Congratulations!  Can’t wait to watch what goals you will crush next!  Thank you for the amazing ride called motherhood that you have brought me on, love you beyond the moon and back!  🙂

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