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Self care (2)

How do you start your Sundays? Do you sleep in? Up early with little ones? Heading to church? A morning walk?

Sunday has always been an early rise day for me, a habit still left over from growing up in church. Now I use these Sunday mornings before my house is awake; meditating and working out. The quiet before everyone rises is an important part of my day. It helps me focus, have more patience, and generally feel better about myself.

As I was getting my cardio on, I thought about all the changes this year has brought. Today’s self care quote I attribute as the main reason. More than 9 months ago I determined this year would be different. I would be different. My life would be better. And it all starts with self-love. With knowing who you are and what you’re worth. Everything, Everything changes when we practice loving oneself.


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