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Sunday self care (4)

Today as I woke up, walked downstairs and headed to the garage to get my workout in, I stopped to look around. I noticed the kitchen is clean. There are flowers on the table. My books piled next to my chair. My son’s bookbag in the corner. I see a beautiful collection of family and those I love.

I thought today’s quote applied to how I was feeling as I looked around. I try to focus on the good my life is filled with now. Just a year ago I was in a different mental space. Many of the same things were present in my life, but I didn’t pay attention. Now, its a daily goal to highlight what is good, everywhere in my life. Not thinking about solving everything or everyone’s issues. But taking the moments to be present and to fill my life up with good things. Every time I do this, I’m leaning into the pile of good that is my life.

What can you add to your pile of good today? This week? Keep adding just one thing, soon it will be so big you have to climb over the pile to find bad. Not in life; bad things still come, but when standing on top of your good pile, your soul and spirit are bolstered up to handle it.

I hope you find good today.


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