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October Happenings

Thinking of all the reasons for joy in my life today. Haven’t shared these in a bit.

Today marks another birthday celebration for one of my kiddos. The raising of children seems to move so fast. One has already left for college and another begins to drive. I’m thankful for my two bonus kids that allow me to enjoy the years of child rearing just a bit longer.

A new houseful of people as we have merged into one home. My quiet, calm life replaced with lots of laughter, fun and conversation.

A new job that I’m settling into. Learning something new is always exciting for me. Enjoying meeting new people and branching into a new career field.

October has been an exciting month of changes. Loving life is about choosing what to focus on. Seeing my children content (all 4 now) makes me smile. Seeing my partner happy makes me extra happy.

Here’s to a whole new life. October is just the beginning.


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