Sunday reflections (2)

The beginning of a new year seems to always lend itself to new resolutions, new commitments, new strategies for tackling life. One area I’ve been focused on is my morning routine.

How do you wake up? Do you wake up to an alarm every day? Children calling for you? Do you bounce out of bed or crankily climb out, longing to stay wrapped in the covers?

I’m fortunate (in my opinion) to be a morning person. I tend to wake up slightly before the alarm. To be wide awake once my feet hit the floor. This doesn’t mean I always want to get up. I often long to keep sleeping, even though I know it’s my best time of the day. So this year I begin with a new commitment to begin each day without compliant. Without a negative thought that I’m having to get out of bed. Waking up before everyone, before even the sun can be challenging so this is a deliberate commitment.

Sundays are an easy day to tackle this as there’s no alarm for me today and I can sleep as long as I want. Having older children means I’m at a stage of life where they all sleep in usually.

This morning as I’m enjoying my coffee, reading and journaling I’m reminded to be grateful that getting up is easy. My body is no longer in the pain it was a year ago. My heart is full of love for a partner that respects me and truly treats me like a queen. My house is full of love and family.

Today, think about how you get out of bed each day. Are you grateful to be starting a fresh day or do you long to stay sleeping? Finding things to be thankful for helps keep the motivation to get up going. Being grateful keeps joy at the forefront.

Sending you positive vibes this Sunday morning. Here’s to starting a new week without compliant.

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