Valentines Day

It’s about to be Valentines Day here.  I’ve never been a big of a fan of this tradition of chocolate, hearts, candy, flowers, etc.  This day was once ruined for me when I was shown what ownership, lust and narcissism were instead of love.  It’s often a sad or lonely time for many who are single or feeling less than loved.  There are often so many expectations we put on days like this that it can make one become a bit cynical.

But as I celebrate this year in love with a healthy partner, I can see the fun and joy of this day.  I personally think your love for each other should be celebrated and shared often, not just on some certain day, but it can be nice to make this day extra special.  It can be a day of “extra” celebration as it is in our house this year.

So the more I have planned and gotten little gifts ready for my teams, my children and my partner, the more I wondered where did this day even come from.  I thought I would briefly share what I found out.

From The American Library website:
The origins of Valentine’s Day are murky. We do know that the ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia, a spring festival, on the 15th of February. With the introduction of Christianity, the holiday moved to the 14th of February–the saint day that celebrated several early Christian martyrs named Valentine.
But somewhere along the way, Valentine’s Day came to represent romance. The romance we associate with Valentine’s Day may spring from the medieval belief that birds select their mates on February 14th. During the Middle Ages, human lovebirds recited verse or prose to one another in honor of the day.

I hope that if you are in love, this day can be made extra special for you.  If you are not partnered up, then I hope you make this day nice for yourself.  Buy your own flowers, they brighten any room!  Get some chocolate.  Send flowers to friends or your children.  Last year when I was starting to feel lonely and still sorting through all the pain and healing process, I celebrated this day for all my girl friends!  Hosting a party!  Decorating my house.  Making little gifts specially crafted with each friend in mind.  You can make Valentine’s Day about the love you have to give to yourself and to others.

I hope you are in love with your own self!  Take time to celebrate this Valentine’s Day!  Make it special!

Sending you flowers to round out the moment:
pink roses (2)




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