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Sunday reflections (11)

It’s a typical spring day here. Rainy, chilly, a bit windy; a perfect day to stay in and catch some amazing golf! This weekend of April is always the Masters tournament and in my house, my role as Mom is a bit suspended as I’m glued to the live feed for 4 days!

I’m not an avid golfer but I love golf courses. They represent calm, peaceful beauty to me. I love to walk them and the meticulous grooming of the courses amazes me.

Today was an spectacular day to watch! A comeback that was incredible to witness. To be a spectator of someone’s triumph, makes me think of the mindset one must have to be a champion.

These quotes from today’s champion seemed fitting to post:

And it was fabulous to see him get better.

And I can’t resist adding in another quote from a fictional champion:

I celebrate with you if you watched today’s tournament. And I encourage us all to take on a champions mind, never give up. We can always get better.


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