Sunday reflections (12)

The house is quiet as is the usual every Sunday morning. The puppy sleeping peacefully next to me as I work through my morning routine. It’s vital to me to begin my days with quiet. To wake up before everyone else. To be able to meditate. To read. Scroll through social media; (yes I’m working on Not doing that). Drink a coffee and maybe journal.

This morning I’m reflecting on how many things have changed since I’ve been practicing some of these routines. As I was scrolling my social media the other day, I was reminded that this time a year ago I was doing a 9 day purge. Removing, cleaning out, throwing away, or deleting 27 items each day for 9 days. I didn’t miss a day. It was challenging as I’m not a big collector of stuff. The point was to make room; mentally and emotionally for something new. To create spaces in my mind, home, and heart by cleaning out what was no longer necessary. Or at least that’s why I was doing it.

What’s amazing is that I was open to that process. I was committed to finding 27 items each day. Clothes, books, contacts, old CDs and movies. Etc. And by sticking with it, being open to what I was hoping to gain, it ended up changing my life.

About a week later I met this man that in the last 50 weeks has shown me what love is. Has laughed with me almost every day since we met. Holds my hand through challenging moments and let’s me have space when I need it.

We are coming upon closing this year out with a little vacation just the two of us. I can’t help but reflecting on how one small thing can affect ones whole world.

Making room and space for someone was not an easy task for me. I’m very independent and enjoy my alone time. But doing that 9 day purge created an opening for my life to change.

Today as many celebrate Easter, I’m celebrating this life changing year. Enjoying it one day at a time.

Thought this was fitting for today’s reflection. Cheers to life changing mindsets.

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