How do you pass the time?

Sitting in the Orlando, Florida airport watching this long long line of folks waiting to check-in has me thinking how we pass waiting time.

I’m not that great at waiting. Patience for lines is not high for me. My preference in life is to be productive. I’m rarely only doing one thing. I will hand quilt or play a crosstitch game while watching a movie or a show. I’ll listen to a podcast while I shower. I’ll write while sitting in the airport.

How do you tackle the times we must wait? In the era of cell phones and the web at our fingertips all hours of the day we have much more to keep our selves busy. But here’s a few things we can do without electronics.

1. Reading. Always having a book to read helps no matter the line.

2. Draw. If you enjoy this, keeping a sketch book and pencil well help you pass the time.

3. Write. Can make up stories about all the folks you watch while waiting in line. Can work on ideas.

4. Meditate. Take deep quiet breaths. Close your eyes for a few seconds. Send positive thoughts out into the universe.

5. Visualization. Can think of dreams. Can picture plans. Can create whole scenes in mind.

Sometimes we have no choice about the lines we need to wait in. Today that’s this line to get home. But having things to keep me busy help me deal with the inconvenience. I hope you have ways too.

Just a quick video.
I sound so thrilled. Lol.

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