I’ve always been a dreamer

Do you know this line? Props to you if you can drop the title and artist below.

I am one of those people that is often found chasing a new thing. Listening to so many different podcasts you are not sure what I am passionate about. Reading all different genre of books and blogs. I have a wide variety of interests that lead others to maybe have this view that I am scatterbrained. I am not.

I’ve heard the phrase multi passionate and resonate with that description so much. I’ve always had many dreams and goals that I’m chasing.

As I’m celebrating another year around the sun today I’m thinking about how grateful I am for getting to chase my dreams!

Not all of us have the environment or support that allows for dream chasing. If that’s your situation; I purpose that you try to take one small action every day that helps you chase dreams. Start with a list of everything you can think of that you need to do to get started. Then start to tackle each one.

Research. Talk to others who have gone before. Join an online group. Go to library and check out info. Listen to podcasts.

And while starting slow, keep updating that list. Keep reaching for those goals. Do Not give up! If you want something badly enough, if you feel it’s your calling; keep going! Keep moving forward!

As I’m entering a new year I feel like I’ve finally gotten that we are meant to Live Fully! To function at our greatest potential. To be surrounded by love. To share love with others.

Perhaps I’m just a dreamer in these thoughts, but I’m living my dreams. You can too!

Hugs to y’all! Let’s celebrate today!

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