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Wordy Girl Wednesday (3) –Quick Encouragement is all I have today

This has been a crazy couple of weeks with getting back into the grove of school and sports for all our children.  Truth; I am exhausted most days.  The weather is changing and I am ready to curl up and head to bed much earlier these days.

In light of that; I thought I would post some encouraging words for those that may be in the same boat.   I hope this is how your day has been today and is everyday.  Even in the midst of chaos, exhaustion, kids fighting or ANY thing that may come your way, I hope you find pockets of joy.

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And this too as I think this is an important reminder; make these days count.  They pass too quickly.

“Don’t count the days. Make the days count” –Muhammed Ali



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Are you ready? How do you transition?

Waking up and heading back to work after vacation; which in my case means at least ten days off from work and most responsibilities is feeling a bit brutal this morning.  Getting back into routine is often tough for many of us.  Vacations are necessary and I advise to take them as often as you can which I try to do numerous times throughout the year but coming back to reality is rough and I might already be tired at 8am!

So in trying to prepare for getting back to work and into the swing of things, I was thinking about how I can help myself transition from sleeping in, no tasks required, lounging when I want, reading when I wish, eating and drinking too much to an on task, lots to do, more responsibility than I often want at a place where they pay me mode.

This got me thinking; are we ready to get started each day?  Are we ready to hit the ground running when we hear our alarms?  Are we ready to be on for our families and employers? Or if you run your own company, are you ready for the long to do list you may have?

I am not all that ready to head back to work, but I am looking forward to a routine.  I like to plan and work towards goals so I thought that would be the best way to get myself ready for this morning.   I made a list of goals I want to achieve here in the near future.  These were simple and probably too easy to accomplish but is a start when what I am really wanting to do is to sleep in and still be lounging in the water up at the lake house.

Here are some of the things I have been doing to “get ready”:
I mapped out on Sunday what I may need to do when I get to work this morning.
I recommitted to my morning tasks (think I have mentioned SAVERS before (thank you Hal Elrod)).  This by far has been the best method I have ever followed; check out his book: The Miracle Morning
I started a new workout program. 
I prepared what I need for the first day back to work and made a plan for dinner with the kids ahead of time.
By doing these things I am feeling a bit more prepared for a new work week and tackling getting back into work mode.

What do you to do get ready for things you may have to do?  Do you have tips and tricks to help you when you are tired or not really excited for whatever you may be facing?  How do to get back into the groove of work and routine; especially after a long vacation? Do you fight to find motivation to keep at it?  Or are you recharged and ready to go already?  If so, how do you keep that motivation?  I would love to hear your ideas too. Emails are always welcome.

I hope you have a great Monday!  If you are on vacation; enjoy every moment!


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Sometimes you just need a little break from the day to day. For the next week we are doing just that; escaping. Finding ways to relax. Spending time with family. Playing in the water. Exploring. Vacation time!

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My takeaways from a weekend of technical difficulties

Sometimes I just can’t leave well enough alone and go and mess up a completely working and well run machine.  For those that may have noticed, my blog has been down; offline for the past 3 days!  I got a wild idea to change server hosts.  Well that was not my best plan.

In dealing with Many (sigh) phone calls, online chats and emails, I am Finally back online!  Woohoo!   And to top it off, I got a summer cold that is kicking my butt!  But in this process I learned a few things I thought I would share.

  1. You should ALWAYS do your research.  The server I was trying to move to is reputable and reliable, but I should have known a bit more about the changes that it would cause if I moved.   Like reading the fine print.  We often skip that part, but it is important.  Research doesn’t have to take all our time or attention but we should give it due diligence.
  2. Know your own limitations.   This is not to say one should never step out of their comfort zone, we should; this is where growth occurs.  But I do not know how to code and I am happy in this wordpress space and creating the blog I have.  There are things I want to learn and then there are those I am comfortable letting someone else deal with.  I know what areas I am willing to give extra time and energy to and those I am not; it seems I forgot those this weekend.
  3.  You do not have to listen to the “experts.”  Refer back to tip #1.  I listened to those I believe to have more knowledge than me.  And while the tips and ideas are great and beneficial, they are not applicable for me at this time.  Sometimes we are just not ready for a change or to try a new path even if it could be better.
  4. Prepare ahead of time for issues.  In the case of having a blog or website, you may want to let your readers or followers know that your site is going to be going through some changes.  And there may be some down time.  I am thankful it was only 3 days, imagine if your site was down even longer!
  5. That leads me to the last tip I gleaned from this:  Do not try to make a bunch of changes to your blog right before date night!  Think this one is self explanatory! Lol!

It has been a tough few days navigating the mistake I made and getting back online.

Please do let me know that you can see this new post.  And I would love to hear any of your technical difficulty stories.





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New again?!

The end of the second week in a new role is leaving me exhausted.  Adjustments always take a moment and getting back to the type of shift I enjoy; a bit older than the last time is knocking me off my feet a bit.

But as I was scrolling around looking at quotes, I thought this was a good one for today.    Sometimes finding a great fit for your strengths and skills can take time.  I can say that I think I have found a great fit for me in this position.

If you are working to create your best life, keep looking at the ways in which you earn an income.  Make what you do; your job, be something you enjoy (at least most of the time).  Even if you have to learn something new, use that as a challenge for yourself.  Don’t be afraid of the new or unknown.  Sometimes taking a calculated risk truly does pay off.

I am someone who likes to be challenged.  To learn something new.  I am often easily distracted and enjoy change.  So once again, I am not living to work, but am enjoying the work I do.

And by the way; blogging is one of the things that makes me happy so I will continue to post.  To encourage you to live each day to the fullest.  To cheer you on in pursuing your goals, dreams and best life.  Today!  Everyday!