Narcissist Drama

I have been watching the stats on my site for quite some time now and the most read posts are those about NPD abuse.  I thought that as I moved forward; away from this chapter of my life; writing more about self care this would become less but that does not seem to be the... Continue Reading →

Random thoughts again

I saw this the other day and I was thinking about the past couple years. How painful they were. How degrading, defeating and discouraging being with a Narc was. How tough the climb out of the hole was. But reading this and looking at my life now, I'm so thankful for where I am. For... Continue Reading →


This isn't usually a hard thing for me. Forgiveness I learned a long time ago is necessary to a fruitful and happy life. So it's a practice I cultivated, watered and checked in on. And I've found it isn't that tough...WHEN minor wounds have been inflicted. BUT when it's something major, or major to me;... Continue Reading →

Never-ending Love

It's interesting to take a look at one's own writings and see which ones have resonated the most with others.  As I look through the 77 posts I have written (wow) I can see that my most read posts have been about NPD abuse; I take that to confirm that it was the right thing... Continue Reading →

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