Another Sunset

I'm obsessed with sunsets lately. Here's another one from last night at the lake. How I love to be reminded of the beauty this world offers. We sometimes need to take a pause. Sit down and be in awe. Perhaps we'd all be kinder to one another if we learned to seek the beautiful. For... Continue Reading →

Roaring like a lion

It's a new month today!  It is said that this month comes in "roaring like a lion and goes out like a lamb", have you ever heard this phrase before?  I have but had not thought of it in awhile so I looked it up. It means that March comes in with Winter still going... Continue Reading →

Happy Wednesday

Today is another day to begin in contentment and joy.  It's a beautiful sunshine filled morning.  I love starting my day focused on all the positive in life.   The other day I realized that while I liked my life before, after healing from all the abuse and chaos, I didn't really love love it.  I... Continue Reading →

Sunday reflections (11)

It's a typical spring day here. Rainy, chilly, a bit windy; a perfect day to stay in and catch some amazing golf! This weekend of April is always the Masters tournament and in my house, my role as Mom is a bit suspended as I'm glued to the live feed for 4 days! I'm not... Continue Reading →

Sunday reflections (10)

With the arrival of spring, this change of season has also brought a flu, stricking me down this week. It's been a challenge to juggle all the demands of a job, motherhood and partnership. Thankful to have a teammate who picks up the slack when I can barely move. Grateful all our kids are big... Continue Reading →

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