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Sunday reflections (8)

This is one of my favorite things to repeat when doing daily affirmations. My life in the past year has proven this again and again. When you focus on growing, learning and moving forward, you can’t lose. Even with setbacks or hardships, better IS coming!

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Sunday reflections (5)

This thought hit me hard this morning… My life is proof of this. Everyday I see the fruit of the work I’ve put into my growth. Into changing myself for the better. For learning from my mistakes. Beyond grateful for what those changes have allowed room for in my life.

Keep working. Never give up pursuing your best life.

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Reflections (3)

Love this! The more I practice this the more this truth becomes my life. So much abundance these days! Each day is full of joy, even when troubles hit.

I try to begin each day saying two to three things I’m thankful for. It’s amazing to see the changes in myself and my relationships when I make this my habit.

My cup runeth over…every day! May yours as well.

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Saturday quotes I’m reflecting on.

Waking up this morning with such a grateful spirit. Thankful for making better choices, for following my gut, for being willing to learn, to fail, and to let go. All have gifted me with a better life.

These quotes were highlighted for me today. Thank you babe for helping me have the life I want.

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Friday’s Word (16)

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted a new word. With all the recent sadness, I wanted a happy word.

The definition of the word can be tough to actually live out, especially when faced with seemingly impossible moments of loss, grief, sadness, failure, etc. But my hope is to offer encouragement today. May we find joy in being alive.

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New Horizons

This week marks the beginning of a new adventure. The one where I venture into the sunlight (when it returns here in the north west). Where sleeping becomes a reality once again. For a few years now, I have worked at night and slept during the day. For many, this works, but for me, this has disrupted my life. Leaves me exhausted and cranky. A bit short tempered and not very motivated. Things I cannot stand to be and yet when lacking sleep on a continual basis, cannot seem to control very well. So I have finally left that world behind!

As I adjust to this change, Wordy Chick too will change. I will be posting on a more regular basis, sharing new ideas, and new material. I will also have some guest posts and new formats. I will be creating more, working on projects and be sharing those as well.

I continue to work on becoming the best me…I hope you continue to join me. Talk to you soon. ❤

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Friday’s Word (4)

I’ve been listening to some fabulous speakers, authors, and life coaches the past few weeks.  Listening to TEDs talks and watching youtube videos.  I’m a committed lifetime learner, to growing and changing, hopefully, each day becoming better than the day before.

And one thing stood out to me yesterday from this one incredible woman.  She said “let your baggage fuel you.  Stand on your story.  See what and where you come from as because of instead of despite of.”

This week my mind has been on all of the things many of these speakers have talked about, which leads me to today’s word…transformation.


See I want to be transformed!  I want to grow, to live the life I dream of.  I don’t want mediocrity!  I want all the things that I dream of as possibilities to become reality.  Not that my life is some terrible life, sure I have things I would change, but it’s not all that difficult.  But I want more, I want to truly LOVE my life!  To be on fire, passionate about this life!

To get this, I have to be willing to be transformed into a new being.  Be willing to make changes to my daily life, we have to be willing to take risks and to fall or fail, but to fail forward and to learn when we fall.  I have to be willing to let go of the past, to stop letting it hinder my future.  We often get stuck in the could have, should have, would have’s of this life.  Or the if only’s as I have mentioned before.  But to truly transform, we have to let go and I love the idea that we have to STAND ON OUR STORY, stop letting it break us, instead let it fuel us!  Let our stories be told, let them be the jumping off point for propelling us forward.

I think becoming the women, the mothers, the wives, friends, etc that we want to be, to reach the greatness that we all have the potential to achieve, we have to be willing to be transformed…to go through a dramatic change and come out a new being.   As I celebrated another birthday, as I am blessed to live another day, I hope to keep changing and growing so that I am transformed into who I am meant to be.  May you be as well.