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Sunday reflections (27)

Waking up to a foggy fall morning with my house all decorated and smelling like fall. I love this time of year. This is when I want to be home more, bake, create and just enjoy the coziness and warmth of family time.

In the quiet this morning I’m thinking about how beautiful fall is and what it represents. These quotes below sum it up well.

There is a purpose, I believe to everything we experience in this life. Sometimes we have to look harder to find the reasons but each season of our life brings new or different things to teach us, cleanse us, create a new path for us.

I love the thought above about fall, learning to let things go seems to be a struggle for many, definitely for me. My mind wants to hold on to things that I’m sometimes not even aware of, but they come out in my dreams at night.

So I’m taking this morning to look at the areas in my life that still need cleansing, still need me to let go more and creating a plan to be like the trees in autumn. Letting my old ways fall away to create room for new. Just like the trees changing colors, watching people grow and create new, better habits for themselves, is beautiful to watch.

I hope you are embracing this change of season. I encourage you to see what things you may need to let fall away and allow new to come in.

Happy Sunday everyone.

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Sunday reflections (12)

The house is quiet as is the usual every Sunday morning. The puppy sleeping peacefully next to me as I work through my morning routine. It’s vital to me to begin my days with quiet. To wake up before everyone else. To be able to meditate. To read. Scroll through social media; (yes I’m working on Not doing that). Drink a coffee and maybe journal.

This morning I’m reflecting on how many things have changed since I’ve been practicing some of these routines. As I was scrolling my social media the other day, I was reminded that this time a year ago I was doing a 9 day purge. Removing, cleaning out, throwing away, or deleting 27 items each day for 9 days. I didn’t miss a day. It was challenging as I’m not a big collector of stuff. The point was to make room; mentally and emotionally for something new. To create spaces in my mind, home, and heart by cleaning out what was no longer necessary. Or at least that’s why I was doing it.

What’s amazing is that I was open to that process. I was committed to finding 27 items each day. Clothes, books, contacts, old CDs and movies. Etc. And by sticking with it, being open to what I was hoping to gain, it ended up changing my life.

About a week later I met this man that in the last 50 weeks has shown me what love is. Has laughed with me almost every day since we met. Holds my hand through challenging moments and let’s me have space when I need it.

We are coming upon closing this year out with a little vacation just the two of us. I can’t help but reflecting on how one small thing can affect ones whole world.

Making room and space for someone was not an easy task for me. I’m very independent and enjoy my alone time. But doing that 9 day purge created an opening for my life to change.

Today as many celebrate Easter, I’m celebrating this life changing year. Enjoying it one day at a time.

Thought this was fitting for today’s reflection. Cheers to life changing mindsets.

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My cup runneth over.

I know I’ve written often about gratitude but I have to again. This is a reoccurring theme these days. Today I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness for my life! I’m feeling sappy and smiling. Beautifully exhausted as we stayed up too late enjoying time without kids, which is a rare event.

The past (almost) year has been life changing. So many changes and more to come. But tackling life with a partner that loves and respects you is amazing, makes me believe anything is possible.

Not every moment of every day is wonderful. We get tired. We get short with the ones we love. But even those moments, once mended, bring us closer and create so much growth and connection that I can’t help but be thankful for them.

Just wanted to share the joy. And this message of gratitude. Hope you are having just as wonderful of a day.

There is something amazing that happens to your soul when you stay in a state of thanksgiving. It pours out of you. Smiles and laughter are hard to contain.

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Sunday reflections (5)

This thought hit me hard this morning… My life is proof of this. Everyday I see the fruit of the work I’ve put into my growth. Into changing myself for the better. For learning from my mistakes. Beyond grateful for what those changes have allowed room for in my life.

Keep working. Never give up pursuing your best life.

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Sunday self care (3)

I love this quote. It is simple and direct and speaks to how I hope to live my life. Not sure I’ll ever fully get there, but I can say everyday lately, I am joyful. Not every moment, for tough things hit, but my spirit is filled with joy more and more. As I work on choosing it, as I seek it and as I focus on creating more joy, more joy finds me.

May joy be as yours as well.