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Sunday reflections (18)

Waking up to a beautiful lake view this morning! Quiet and peaceful as we start another weekend of celebration. Birthdays and Father’s day! Enjoy your loved ones today!

Thank you babe for being there for all the kids, for being all this!

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Today isn’t a day I usually celebrate.

Having been divorced for many years, my children have been getting their dad a gift and card on their own for awhile now. And not having a dad in my own life, this isn’t a holiday that is all that special to me.

But this year, someone new has arrived into my life, who makes me want to celebrate all he does for his kids. For who he is as man, friend, and father.

To all the men out there who raise their children, who show up, love, provide and sacrifice; thank you. Thank you for all you do everyday. Thank you babe for restoring my hope in a good man.

Happy Father’s Day!