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Happy Wednesday

Today is another day to begin in contentment and joy.  It’s a beautiful sunshine filled morning.  I love starting my day focused on all the positive in life.   The other day I realized that while I liked my life before, after healing from all the abuse and chaos, I didn’t really love love it.  I enjoyed my children, family and friends. I laughed often and had fun with my kids.  But there was a piece missing.  Not a piece of me, I am whole and healthy all by myself.  But that piece that a partner brings.  That part of having a best friend you can count on every single day, the one who keeps you warm when you are cold, who helps you with all the daily tasks, makes you laugh and who answers the same question about the locks a million times.

When you wake up each day loving your life, it’s easy to stay positive and wear a smile.  I am a big believer that the way to change your life is all about mindset.  What you choose to focus on.  I once read a quote that talked about seeing life through a magnifying glass. That when you hold it up to the negative things, they will appear even larger and become a greater obstacle.  But when you hold it over and highlight the positive, you become more positive, things seem brighter and you feel like you can do anything.  That what you choose to magnify will become your life.  I committed a while ago to magnifying the good, the positive, the beautiful.

As you go about your day today, think about what you hold the magnifying glass over?  Do you hold it over the things you dislike?  Over the coworkers that are negative and annoying?  The issues or bad attitude your kids or partner bring home some days?  All the ways you think you can’t do something?  Or do you magnify the good?  The beautiful sunrise you see on the way to work?  The way your kids want to share their stories?  The wonderful laugh your partner has?

I am sending you all positive thoughts today. Hoping you focus on the good.  Hoping you can find just one wonderful thing in your day; your relationship, work or home that brings you joy.  Search for it, even if you are living or working in not so great conditions.  Magnify the One thing that may be good.  Watch it become larger as you focus in. When you search for beauty, you will most assuredly find it.

Have a great Wednesday.

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Sunday reflections (8)

This is one of my favorite things to repeat when doing daily affirmations. My life in the past year has proven this again and again. When you focus on growing, learning and moving forward, you can’t lose. Even with setbacks or hardships, better IS coming!

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Keep climbing

I am a bit off the schedule of writing and posting this week.  I have gone back to work and am overly tired.  This week was challenging and at times frustrating as I am adjusting to being back to work after many months of dealing with back pain, surgery, and recovery.

Hopeful and optimistic while being a bit nervous at this change, I thought I would make today’s post about some of the quotes I have around and read often lately.  In order to not slide backward and create new pains, I am learning to change behaviors that I had never really thought about before.  The movements we do daily have an effect on our bodies.  Sitting for prolonged periods of time is the worst for me.  As we work in corporate America, we often sit way too much.

Changing long-term habits can be challenging and difficult.  As we’ve established, I am a words girl, so I share with you some of the quotes I use to keep myself motivated and progressing forward. Maybe some of these will be helpful to you as well.

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In order to improve we have to always be moving in a forward motion.  We have to keep climbing, even when it looks or feels impossible.  Stay motivated.  Stay positive.  Climbing the hills or mountains to making ourselves the best version we can be is always worth the effort.

Let me know if you have some quotes that you use to help keep you motivated.