Happy birthday!

To everyone out there who turn another year older today; here's a few quotes to share in celebrating you! Love Dr. Seuss! I hope you celebrate YOU today! And I hope the next 365 for you and me are all about creating the life we love. Happy day to me and you! Now gotta go... Continue Reading →


We all desire to belong; to be a part of a group, team. It's why we seek out a mate, friends, lovers.  Why we try to get along with our co-workers and teammates.  We need other people to help us navigate and tolerate the world we live in. We long to be understood and recognized.... Continue Reading →

Death and sadness

It's been awhile since I have posted.  Even now, as I type this I am not sure I truly have much to say.  But I am trying to see writing as a break more than needing a break from it.  It has often been a balm to my soul, so I attempt to share some of... Continue Reading →

What if…

How often do you say or think to yourself "what if?"  What if I had done this or that?  Married someone else? Went to that other school?  Took that different job?  Or the common one, what if I had not spoken in anger?  Chosen other words to say? Behaved differently?  We could spend a lot... Continue Reading →

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