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Wordy Girl Wednesday–The house that builds us

I’ve been thinking about houses the past few days. Why we choose the ones we do. How we decide the”right”one for our family or possible future family.  How we determine what spaces are the most important and what we must have; like the best kitchen or bathroom, etc.

Having owned a few homes, lived in apartments and now rent a house, I have a lot of experience in this area. Since I’ve been divorced I’ve lived in at least 9 different places. All in the same area. Almost all different sizes.

I have often voiced the thought of how having a smaller home helps love grow. In a home that’s large with lots of options to escape each other perhaps you don’t work things out as readily as a small home requires. So I find I like living in a space that is smaller but open, that requires us to work through issues quickly. It’s challenging to hide your feelings when you have no where to escape to. Even when the space becomes crowded I would still choose our smaller home to the big homes I’ve had in the past.

It’s cozy and warm. It’s open and bright. And our family and friends feel welcome. The size of the home isn’t what matters but what you fill it up with. Who more importantly. I’m hopeful the houses I’ve resided in raise up children who feel loved and ready to explore the world. That my partner feels encouraged and supported in his endeavors and that we thrive as a team.

The house you prefer will look different than mine. And my needs for what my home provides will change. For now these rooms are filled with what we need in this season. I believe love and harmony grow best when relationships are watered and fed. When we communicate and listen with each other.  And I find that no matter what your house looks like, it is the folks that you live with that create the home.

May you feel blessed today.  May you love the home you are building.

I would love to hear from you; what is your favorite space in your house? Do you prefer tiny or large?

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s that time of year again…the Christmas season!  This is my favorite month of the whole year!  There are so many things to love and enjoy this season.  Here are some of my favorite things:

  • I love the smells of this time of year.  Christmas trees, wreaths and garland, the scent of pine or fir.  All the baking scents that fill the kitchen as we create homemade treats.
  • I love the coziness and hominess that we tend to relish in at this time. Gathered around with those we love, celebrating over meals and party nights.
  • I love the fireplace or woodstove burning warm and bright.  All the blankets and quilts we wrap in to stay warm huddled together.
  • I love the holiday movies, bringing laughter and memories as we rewatch movies we have seen for years.   It’s A Wonderful Life will always be my favorite.
  • I love the gift giving.  Thinking about what those I love need or want and planning out what to get them.   I love this season where many come together to give to others who may have a need.  I truly delight in being able to give more than receive.
  • I love the memories made.  The traditions we do every year.  The Christmas morning breakfast my sis in law makes.  The midday dinner that we all help with.  Opening stockings later after dinner, ending the day with a few extra surprises.
  • I love the lights and all decorations inside and out.  The cold nights and warm cocoa.  Each year finding a new location to check out the lights.  We have been to many throughout the years; The Oregon Garden perhaps my favorite.

The best part of this season is hard to pare down to just one thing.  There are so many great things we get to enjoy this time of year.  We seem to soften our hearts, even if just briefly.  We help each other more, we may offer to give more than we would have at a different time.

December is one of the best months of the year for me.  Even when times have been tough, when I have struggled to afford gifts, when there has been little to share with others, we have been abundant in being taken care of.  We have been showered with love; through family and friends.  My children have rarely known the struggles I may have had to provide a bounty on Christmas morning, but I think that is because this time of year, it’s so much more about loving each other, seeing the smiles, giving to others, relishing in the home, that what may have been lacking under the tree didn’t matter.

May you enjoy all the blessings of love and family and home this time of year.  May this be a season that is bright with new and old traditions.   May you get to pour out love and receive it in abundance back.





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Tuesday Treasures–#5

Treasure:  Noun: “anything or person greatly valued or highly prized”
Verb:  “to regard or treat as precious; cherish.”

Cherish: Verb: “to hold or treat as dear; feel love for, to care for tenderly; nurture

When I think about the things I treasure, I rarely think about material items.  I mainly think about my children, my family, the friendships new and old that I value so much.  I focus on the memories we make together.  The way we laugh, cry and grow together.  Most definitely the people in my life are my greatest treasure.

But as much value as I place on relationships, I also have to admit I have material items I treasure.  The wedding ring quilt that my ex-mother in law made as a wedding gift, that even though I am no longer married, I still value the time, energy and love it was created with.  My grandmother’s wedding ring, that when I wear it brings me a strength I have always been able to count on.  Pictures of my children when they were babies and these new tiny beings, from before I knew who they would turn out to be.  My journals of words written to them throughout their lives.

I was prompted to think on the idea of what would I save in this house, what items of sentimental value, would I attempt to keep and be sad to miss if I couldn’t get them in the event of a fire or disaster.  What items do I cherish that much?   And when I thought about this, I realized my list is pretty small.  That is not to say that I do not like nice things, or that my house has a little amount of “stuff”,  but it’s to say that most of the things I own are replaceable.  Many of the items I have are not things I treasure.

So I have tried to adopt the idea and practice to only purchase items that I really like.  When going shopping (beyond grocery food items), I will place everything I desire into my cart or basket.  Then before actually making a purchase, I will go through the items and evaluate if I really like something, will it be pretty or helpful in my home?  Will it be something I treasure, am I happy to have spent money on?  Or is it another item that will collect dust or hardly be worn or take up space that could be used for something more useful?

Many times I will remove about 50% of the items I truly thought I wanted.  By taking the time to go through them and with the idea that I only want to purchase items that will bring value, joy or beauty into my home, I have been able to save money and to create a home that is filled with more items that I genuinely treasure and less of just stuff.

Having this practice or philosophy I have found brings me more contentment in my home.  Brings less stress as I do not spend money on items I end up not wanting later.  Brings less mess and clutter as I find that items I didn’t end up enjoying are not taken care of as well as those items I do. And brings more beauty into my home.

I challenge you to look at your home, your stuff that fills up the rooms and evaluate what would you keep.  What items do you cherish enough to never want to lose?  What material things bring you joy when you look at them or use them?  Is the list so long that there is no possible way that you could actually keep them all?  Is it so short that you feel you have nothing of value that you have kept in your life?

I think part of self-care and learning to better ourselves, is learning that when we surround ourselves with more of what we treasure, more items that bring us joy and beauty, the more positive energy we create and then the more we can in return share with others.

I hope along with having relationships you treasure, you have at least a few items that you cherish.  That when you hold them in your hand, you feel happiness, strength or a memory that brings you joy.  And if you don’t, if you are surrounded by items that weigh you down, that don’t bring you peace or a smile to have in your home or your life, that you remove them and replace them with the things that do.  Creating the life we want, a life we can enjoy may mean a de-cluttering, a re-evaluation of what should or should not remain.

Find what you treasure and hold onto those things, let the rest go.  Keep creating the life you desire, the life that makes you the best you.

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Home again

I hope you have all enjoyed Labor Day and hopefully had some time off with your family or friends.  It’s been a few days since I’ve posted as we were out of town.  We were hanging out with family in Colorado for a cousins wedding.   It was a great time seeing family we had not seen in a few years and nice to make new friends we hope to stay in contact with.  And getting to be part of a beautiful wedding with two fabulous human beings was the best. We love ya’ll so much and thank you for letting us be part of your special day.

Now it’s time to get back to school and work.  For me, that means a lot of time running kids to and fro and living on the go.  That means I need to create a schedule for posting to this blog.  I am finding that I love writing.  Each day that I do not write feels as if something is missing.  That being said I know that I need to be realistic and create a schedule that can work for being the best me for myself and my kids.

My plan at this time is to upload posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday or Sunday. Look for some specific topics or themes on certain days.

Writing has become a passion for me and even just writing this blog has created an outlet for this.  I am enjoying getting to express ideas or thoughts that I often repeat to my kids or find that I am making notes about all over.  I am often posting quotes on my fridge or mirrors.  Each of us has something valuable to offer this world.  I also think we can all learn from one another.  I truly hope that you will send me comments and let me know what you think or if you have ideas for me as well.

Check back tomorrow for a new post and new ideas.   🙂