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Fridays word (27)

I haven’t shared a word from another language in a bit. I think it’s always interesting to learn, so this was a great word for today.

It’s a Japanese word that I wonder if we have an English equivalent.

Being present; in the moment is definitely where I’m finding joy today. Taking an extra day this holiday season to spend with my oldest home from college.

Enjoy today. Don’t worry every moment about the pains of life. Learning to do this can be tough but does bring peace to your days, helping you live your best life.

Sending you all positive thoughts to stay present today.

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Friday’s Word (17)

Another Friday is upon us. Another week has gone by. Time seems to move so quickly, each week moving closer to big changes in my world. Sometimes I long to stop time and hold onto moments. I am thankful for all the memories that I have made with those I love and continue to make.

Today I thought I would share a word from another language. I am not sure we have an equivalent word in the English language, but I thought I would share this as I just thought it was a pretty image. Sometimes we need to stop and enjoy the beauty that is around us.

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I wish y’all a fabulous day.