Sunday reflections (23): Finding Rest

It's another Sunday here. I'm back online this weekend; woohoo. I've been battling a bad cold all week, still not fully myself. Being overly tired and drained keeps me from being my best self. I'm easily annoyed and short tempered. And not very productive which frustrates me. I'm not very good at resting. My mind... Continue Reading →

Sunday reflections (20)

I've been sharing a lot about joy as that is my usual state and I really want to share how possible it is to overcome the past and move forward to having a life you love. But I do have off days too. Today is one of those. I am cranky. Tired. Easily annoyed. Kinda... Continue Reading →

Sunday reflections (17)

This weekend has been full of numerous graduations, so this is my thought and reflection today: Thank you for the quote Dr. Seuss. Congratulations graduates! Enjoy the ride!

Sunday reflections (6)

This thought is on my mind this morning: Not exactly sure why as I'm pretty positive most of the time. But think I'm needing to remind myself of this this morning. Sometimes we get down a negative thinking pattern and we have to stop and redirect. Not feeling that great is often a trigger for... Continue Reading →

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