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Happy St Patrick’s day

Just sending a quick blessing on this beautiful day. I’m celebrating my first born as she enters adult hood. Happy birthday baby girl! May you all celebrate life, love and family. And may you feel extra blessed today. ūüéā‚ėėÔłŹ

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Friday’s word (25)

As I started my day this morning I was aware of how content I am in this season. How much I am enjoying the new changes in my life. How all the work I put in to become healthy has paid off. Knowing yourself, knowing it’s ok to take care of yourself, even as a mother or wife or partner… Is vital to becoming the best you, you can be.

This word I stumbled upon seemed a good fit for today’s state of mind. Know that the work you put into yourself pays off. Improvement leads to a better life and more happiness.

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Friday’s Word (19)

I love Pinterest. I could be sucked in for hours dreaming, creating, building boards, finding awesome crafts and party ideas I’ll most likely not complete. I bring this up, because I also love that I get to learn words that I would not normally come across.

This week, it’s a Greek word that caught my attention; speaks to what I hope to do with this one life I get to live. We all have the ability to create; do so from your heart.

Happy Friday everyone.

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Living Or Existing?

I found some random notes that I jotted down one night not that long ago that I thought I would share with you. ¬†These are my thoughts about how I want to live my life these days. ¬†I want to thrive, not just survive. Pardon¬†me for the soap box…

It all ends in loss. ¬†As all great battles do. ¬†Love. War. Death. ¬†There are no more romantic notions that we get out of this alive. ¬†Once we’ve exhausted all the ways to prove ourselves invincible, whether the broken has healed or not, ¬†promises kept or not; dreams¬†realized or not, we still will not escape the end.

There is a beautiful calm; a peace that overcomes me when I accept this truth. Each one of us at some point will take our last breath.  No one will be exempt from the end.  So why do we wait to reach for joy?  To risk our hearts?  To push our bodies? To try new things?

There is no real time…time is this moment. ¬†The one we still currently breathe in. As I have entered my 40’s I have finally begun to see…more clearly than ever…living is more than just the daily struggle to survive, ¬†More than a job and bills to pay each month. More than endless responsibility. ¬†Chores. ¬†Endless tasks to finish.

This ONE life is made of SO much MORE!!  IF we choose to grasp each moment and LIVE!

Go travel. ¬†Make that bucket list and go see the places you have always wanted to see. (save up though, no need to create additional stress in your quest to live your best life). Spend time with those you want in your life; make time for those who make time for you. If they don’t, let them go…no more chasing after those that don’t chase you back. ¬†Call that girl you met, ask for her number, take her out. ¬†Give that guy you’ve been crushing on your number, take his call. ¬†Say yes more! Take more chances.

We don’t have all day…sometimes a second chance doesn’t come back around. Sometimes the end is the end. ¬†Don’t always think there is another tomorrow. ¬†Or a “someday.” ¬† I don’t say that you should quit your job, run away and hop on the nearest flight and leave your responsibilities, but learn to live in the midst of it all. ¬†Learn to thrive not just survive.

What does living look like for you?  What dreams would you pursue if you made this a priority?  Does your best life include travel?  School?  Learning a new skill?  Losing weight?  Whatever it is, make a plan and GO FOR IT!  LIVE! Create the Life you desire!

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts…your dreams…what you do to take care of yourself and live your best.

Have a fabulous day!