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Friday’s word (26)

Another Friday is upon us.  The last day of November.  Another year quickly coming to a close.  I am surprised how fast this year has gone.  Perhaps when you change your life in drastic ways that everything is almost unrecognizable; the year moves faster than usual.

I love this word I found today.  I am often torn between my love of the mountains and my love of the ocean.  But thought this word sounded cool and described many I know.  There is something about sitting on a beach, in the sand, watching the waves roll in and out, the wind  blowing (at least on the beaches in the PNW) that brings a tranquility not found anywhere else.  The ocean reminds us how small we are.  And for me how great and powerful things can be.  The sea is a mighty force that can be beautiful and ferocious.   Like each one of us in this life.

Are you a thalassophile?  Get out and enjoy the sea!



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Friday’s Word (18)

I used this word for a post back in the beginning of this blog, but not as a Friday word. In keeping with the theme of going in alphabetical order, it seemed a good word choice for today. I am a lover of words, I write and speak (probably) too many on a regular basis. I have tried to suppress my thoughts at times only to my detriment. We were given our voices for a reason, we are here on this planet at this time for some purpose, let us use our words, let us speak, let us share with one another.

I hope that my words, ideas, and thoughts bring you value. Bring hope and encouragement to others. Think about what you want your words to say about you? Do you love to share your ideas…start a blog, write a book, articles, music; find a way to use your words, they are the voice you were given.

Happy Friday Folks! Sun is shining here this morning. Life is an amazing ride when you see it as such!. 🙂