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Rainy days

As the New Year has started, our typical Northwest winter weather has hit! Rain. Rain and more rain. I’m already over it and we’re barely into January.

I saw a little boy running and jumping in the rain today. For some reason it stopped me. I thought, how often do we run in the rain? How often do we abandon ourselves to childlike play?

So much of this adult life is about responsibilities. About serious things. Growing up so often means leaving childish play behind.

How do you approach a new year? Do you set goals? Create schedules and plans? Map out a plan to achieve new heights?

While setting goals and having dreams are all good there’s something to be said for easing into even more or greater responsibilities. Perhaps as we start a fresh year; with renewed hope for all the new brings; perhaps we may learn to dance or sing or play; maybe even in the rain.

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Sunday reflections (31) – final review

On this last Sunday of the year I’m thinking about all the things this year brought. Looking back through my posts and seeing where I grew and where I have more work to do. Sharing my thoughts, ideas and details of my life is a rewarding, cathartic and interesting activity for me to partake in. Writing a blog gives me an outlet to feel “published” and share thoughts with even just one who may feel empowered and encouraged. Seeing readers throughout the world is always amazing to me. I love seeing a new reader in a new country.

As I’m reviewing this blog today, I can see that I was not as consistent with writing every single Sunday as I was hoping I would be. I may have been somewhat repetitive in my posts. And I need to become more focused on what I want this blog to be.

With one year ending and a new one beginning I’m excited to set new intentions for Wordy Chick. To create a better viewing experience and better content. My original intent with this blog was to share my experiences moving through a relationship with a narcissist. It helped me to share what I was learning and hoping that maybe my experiences could help someone else as I was recovering and rebuilding my life. As my life has moved forward and far away from that moment, I’ve tried to move this blog away from that topic to more of a best self/life blog.

In evaluating today I think I’ve done that. Although the posts about recovering and moving on from a narcissist are still the most read posts, my hope for this new year is to continue to contribute new ideas about how to live your best life. This new year I plan to focus more on lists and ways to practically implement ideas to help cultivate the life you desire.

My hope is to encourage you more often. To share more of myself and learn to write better. Only by continually growing do we evolve into better. I have enjoyed watching the blogs I read and follow grow and become better. Perhaps this year you might even start a blog; knowing we each have something amazing to offer this world I encourage you to do so. You might have something important to share!

I hope you enjoy this last week of 2019. I hope you set new intentions for the new year not just a resolution that might easily be tossed aside. I look forward to sharing more of this amazing life with you.

Happy New Year!

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New Year’s Resolutions—or not!

Happy New Year!  Welcome, 2018!  It’s the 2nd day of the new year, did you get up early today?  Hit the gym?  Start a new program?  Write? Read?  Start a new diet?   If you are like the majority, you are working hard today to start something new, to change your life.

I am not mocking this. I love the beginning of a new year, what feels new and fresh and a great opportunity for change.  For years I have done the same thing.  Every New Years Day it was all about setting family and personal goals.  Some years I achieved many of them, more often than not I haven’t.   I might hit a few, make it further than the average of January 15th before giving up, plain forgetting or losing focus.  Letting the distractions of raising a family and having a job get in the way of what I tell myself I want to accomplish.

This year, I decided was going to be different.  Back in November I started to research and listen and seek new ways of reaching goals.  Ways of making lasting changes rather than just words and never following through.  I also decided that I would not wait until January 1 to start some of these things.  That when I really want to change, I need to act NOW!  Some things I gave myself a deadline of December 31, that January 1 would be a jumping off point, but not a resolution!

I like new.  I like to move, to change my environment.  I was once told I would make a good military wife because I enjoy new places, learning a new area, meeting new people, that I am very adaptable.  I have never minded moving.  There is excitement in change.  But I have also realized that I like the changes that I control.  Surprises, unexpected changes that I am not the one driving, these are not so much to my liking.  I imagine this may be the truth for many of us.

But setting goals and accomplishing them, these are in my control.  Changing my own ways of thinking, my daily actions, my personal beliefs that I tell myself about myself, my body, my finances, etc; all of these are within my control.  We often set resolutions that we allow others; our children, spouses, families, friends, time, etc to distract and pull us away from.  I think it is possible to accomplish anything we wish!  But to do that we have to change our mindset.

So while researching new ways to set “resolutions” and accomplish goals, I found some things that I am doing this year to change the way I tackle the New Year!  To create the life I desire.  And I didn’t wait till Jan 1, sometimes we might want to follow the definition of resolution:  1. the act of resolving or determining upon an action, a course of action, method,  procedure, etc   2. the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute, firmness of purpose. 

With the definition of resolution in mind,  here are a few of  things I have been doing and how I am approaching 2018:

  • I found a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, read it and immediately started the daily practice.  I was already doing the Exercise piece, but I implemented the remaining activities.
  • I started working out 5-6 days a week.  Nothing major, mostly walking at least 30 minutes a day,  adding in weights, biking, new activities every few weeks.  Again I started this the day I decided to, back around Thanksgiving.
  • I began reading every day.  Mostly these are personal development books, but there is some mind candy in there as well.  Sometimes we just want some fluff.
  • I chose to pick a word for the year instead of a list of goals or resolutions.   My word for this year is DELIBERATE.  I choose to make deliberate choices with my time, my money, my children, my friends, etc.  I want that what I do lines up with the vision of the life I want to create.  And in becoming deliberate, I don’t allow others or life circumstances to dictate for me, to get me off course.  If I am deliberate then even when the tough moments hit or I don’t “feel” like moving towards the goal, I will already be in the habit of making choices that align with my goals.  I won’t say no to working out just because I am out of town, or on vacation or only have a few minutes.
  • I am back to creating lists.  I grew up in a home where my mom was always making a list.  For EVERYTHING it seemed!  I too used to make lists!  I would create a chore list, often after I had already done a couple of chores, so I would add those to the list, just so I could cross them out and feel a little bit accomplished.  Lol.   I am not sure when or why I stopped the practice of making a list, but I am back to this practice.  For me, I am finding that creating a weekly list of things I want to get done that week is working better for me.  I am able to decide what days and times work best for me to get these items done and can check them off and then evaluate at the end of the week if I completed these and if not and they are important, move them to the next week.  Creating a weekly list has improved my productivity and sense of calm and peace in my home and self.
  • I listen to podcasts, YouTube videos, anything that is in alignment with helping propel me forward rather than keeping me stuck.  This may be a specific area or multiple;  I choose to listen to a topic for a week or however long it takes to change my mindset, my focus and assist in making a change.

How do you start the New Year?  Do you set goals, resolutions, things you hope to accomplish?  Do you have these grand notions of all the changes you can make in one year?  How are you going about doing that?  Do you have a plan or just an idea?  Have you had past success and how did you make the changes you wanted?  I would love to hear what you are doing to make 2018 your best year!

Look for changes as I continue to focus in on my vision for this blog; living out our best selves, our best life. Finding ways to create lives we love as women, mothers, daughters, wives, friends, etc.  I wish you a fabulous first week of 2018!  May this be the year you accomplish those resolutions, or not.  Perhaps you will find a new way to tackle the goals you have!  Find a way to live your BEST LIFE!


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The end.

This year is rapidly coming to a close.  For some 2017 may have been the Year! Business,  relationships,  career,  perhaps many great things happened in these areas of your life.

For me,  I can not wait to say goodbye to this year and hello to 2018!  2017 was a hard year emotionally and physically for me.  If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I spent a lot of the year moving through and healing from an abusive relationship.  You also know I had back surgery and have been recovering from that as well.  It was a bit tough.

As we are finishing up this last week of the year and heading into the new,  I thought I would finish with sharing the joys of this last year as I’m looking forward positively.  I find it helpful to take a look back, sort through and get ready for the new.

The highlights of 2017:

  • Enjoying living in a house rather than an apartment.
  • Becoming closer to my teenagers. 
  • No more living in daily pain; back surgery a success. 
  • Started a blog.
  • Learned about loss and healing. 
  • Spent time with family that I’d not seen in years. 
  • Traveled to new states with my children. 
  • Able to share the holidays with family, some for the first time.
  • Made new friends, cultivated and grew some others.
  • Began a daily workout routine. 
  • Learned the value of meditation.

As tough as 2017 may have been, there were still many great things that occurred.  I’m a big believer in mindset,  that what we focus on will magnify.  So as the year comes to a close,  I’m encouraging you to take stock of what went right, what were the positives that happened in your life.

I’ll be making some changes to as we begin 2018, look for them.  As always,  I welcome your feedback.

Happy New Year!