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Wordy Girl Wednesday (4) — Tips for staying positive during this time

The new season of juggling work, school, and sports is upon me!  I imagine it is for you too!  I find at times trying to keep all the balls in the air is more of a struggle than I care to admit.  Lately that has been the case.  I long for time to relax and rest more, but I also want to accomplish my goals and create memories with my partner and all our kids.  So in this season, one thing that helps is to find ways to stay positive when often I am exhausted.

Here are the ways I try to practice positivity in this season:

  1. I stay focused on the end goal.  This season of raising children will end and I want them to have some good memories of their childhood as well as become healthy, successful adults.  When I am overwhelmed with all the running around we must do and the endless tasks, I try to keep that in mind.  We are raising adults, not children. We are teaching the habits they will carry into adulthood.  It is important to teach all these kids how to juggle life with a good attitude as much as possible.
  2. We take a date night; every single week. Even if it is just a couple hours together.  My partner and I made a commitment to each other from the start that we would prioritize our partnership.  We would make sure the children understood we are committed to each other and creating a solid foundation.  It can tough between work, school functions and soccer games for us to find the time and energy but we are always better for it and it keeps us connected. And it shows our children how to have a healthy relationship.
  3. I make time for exercise.  Sometimes that 30 minutes alone going for a walk or riding my bike or doing an exercise video is the only alone time I can get.  Take advantage of doing something for your physical health as well as your mental health.  Working out is vital to staying healthy and calm throughout the chaos of life in my opinion.  And it releases all the feel good, happy endorphins so it’s a win in trying to staying positive.
  4. I use the calendar.  We have a large calendar on the wall in the kitchen near the garage door.  It is seen daily by every one of us.  With all the activities we could have going on at one time, keeping track with colors and names is important for helping us to not forget things.  And it allows me to know what we can say yes to based on prior commitments.
  5. We communicate. With a family of 6, you have lots of opportunities for misses.  And many more opportunities for connections.  When I get home from work (as I work the latest) everyone is usually coming around to share their day with me.  Asking about school, homework, activities, life in general, is my way of staying in touch with what is going on with each of them.  They all have lots to say and keeping that end goal in mind; I want to hear from them.  I want them to share with me.  Because we have built an environment where the kids feel they can share, we have a home with lots of conversation.

Staying connected and positive can be tough when you are juggling all the demands of partnership, parenthood and employment.  Finding ways to keep your sanity is vital. Learning to communicate what you feel and think is necessary in all relationships but especially in the seasons of change where there can be so much noise from the chaos you forget to keep focused on what truly matters.

I am not always positive and happy.  I struggle with overwhelm and unhappy days just like anyone else.  But I desire to have a healthy life and home more than almost anything.  Giving my partner and our children the best me is often at the forefront of my mind.  I fail I am sure as much as I succeed, but each day I tackle anew.

I hope you find encouragement in these posts. These are just my thoughts; please share ways that you stay calm and focused during seasons of change and chaos.  As always I hope you are living your best life as much as possible.

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T-minus 36hours!  That is all that is left till my first baby, my oldest, my only daughter graduates high school.  An entire year early!  The tears fill my eyes so easily these days as I watch her work hard to complete this goal she has set.  Seeing all that she has accomplished the past 9months to graduate and head off to college, makes me so proud.  Sometimes the emotions are overwhelming.  Pride and excitement along with some sadness as we enter into a new phase of this parenting journey.

As others are entering this stage, know that you are not alone on the path of letting go while still desiring to hold on.  That we enter this new arena of almost-adulthood and yet can still recall all those moments of childhood that have passed by so incredibly fast.

To those with little ones, hold on extra tight.  And breathe through the moments that seem endless and exhausting.  Soon enough they will be letting go of your hand to run out into this great big world!  And to those in the middle when these beautiful beings that we love beyond rational reason, are driving us into possible madness with their anger and frustration as they navigate the middle teen years. Know that this will pass and they have actually listened to the wisdom you have been trying as patiently as possible to instill.

For those of you that are about to celebrate graduation along with me–Great Job!  You Did It!  We made it!  We raised up the next generation!  Pat yourself on the back!  Be proud that you have helped guide and mold another human that is going to impact the world!

Time has flown, faster than I could possibly imagine!  I wouldn’t trade any of these moments, for they have helped us arrive here, to this beautiful place!

So proud of you baby girl!   Congratulations!  Can’t wait to watch what goals you will crush next!  Thank you for the amazing ride called motherhood that you have brought me on, love you beyond the moon and back!  🙂