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Sunday reflections (30)– intention

Waking up to another chilly, foggy morning. Looking out at the old fashioned style street lamp outside my front window that’s turned off since I’ve woken has me thinking about timing. Routine. Do you think much about your daily activities? Or are they so ingrained that you’re kind of on auto pilot each day, just going through the motions?

I’m a believer in intention. That if we want to live our best life, we must set an intention to do so and follow specific tasks to accomplish. These need to be items we can measure, account for progress.

Just like that street lamp has a timer of when it comes on and goes off, we too can set and follow a routine for completing daily tasks that will help us move towards our goals. We can even use a timer if that helps!

I’ve been practicing following an early rise, before my household is awake, getting my coffee, meditating, reading and journaling for awhile now. It’s become vital to my mental health and attitude to have the solitude and get ready to be an active member of my family, work and life.

Not everyone wakes up early. I used to work the graveyard shift and it was harder to find the quiet moments. But anything is possible when you set an intention and them follow through to make it happen.

How do you set an intention? Start with one thing you want to focus on. Make a list of how you can accomplish that. Then do the work. We tend to fall apart at the idea of actually putting in the work but that’s the only way we change our lives. Through hard, committed effort.

My intention to wake up early each day means I go to bed early. I try very hard to go to bed near the same time every night. I set my alarm for about 10 min earlier than I truly want to be awake just in case I want to hit the snooze button or snuggle up to my guy. This allows me to slightly wake up but not have to leave my warm bed quite yet. Once those minutes are up, I head downstairs to make some coffee, drink a glass of water and meditate for a few. Then I tackle readingand journaling. And I use my phone timer throughout my morning quiet time so that I stay on task.

Finding a routine to help you each day moves you closer to your expectations of the life you want. Set an intention. Then make a plan. And get to work. Enjoy those moments of progress and push through the fails. Your best life is on its way. It’s only up to you. What do you intend it to be?

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A quiet beginning

The early morning quiet before the chaos begins is one of my favorite times of day. I am able to set my mind to being thankful, patient and ready to deal with the needs of others. The moments of struggle are not over whelming yet and no one is unhappy.

I have almost always been a morning person, but since incorporating a very specific routine each day, its even better.

I have recommended to many already, to create a daily morning wake-up routine. Rarely deviate from it. Set your mind to doing this deliberately every day and you will see transformation. Even when moments of struggle hit, I firmly believe these morning practices have helped me get through and over them, more quickly than before.

Can look up this book: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod to learn how to start your day. Highly recommend.

How we begin sets the tone for the rest of the day, that’s not to say we won’t have tough moments, but I truly believe we are able to move through them more quickly. We have the ability to extend more grace to ourselves and others. Cultivating a specific mindful practice creates a discipline of self care. Allowing us to better care for others.

How we start the day sets the day. Take the time and care to start from a place of quiet, peace and centeredness. This will go a long way to help create your best self.

Have a fabulous Monday.