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Sunday reflections (16)

I was reading an article the other day about the power of gratitude. How the simple act of being thankful on the daily can rewire nuerons in your brain. How cool is that?!

One simple thing has that much power as to change my brain function?! And it’s such a simple choice to say thank you. To focus on the things you’re grateful for in your partner, kids, parents, job, etc. It’s too easy not to do.

Reflecting on how I can be thankful for more things more often. Perhaps a challenge will be on it’s way soon.

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My cup runneth over.

I know I’ve written often about gratitude but I have to again. This is a reoccurring theme these days. Today I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness for my life! I’m feeling sappy and smiling. Beautifully exhausted as we stayed up too late enjoying time without kids, which is a rare event.

The past (almost) year has been life changing. So many changes and more to come. But tackling life with a partner that loves and respects you is amazing, makes me believe anything is possible.

Not every moment of every day is wonderful. We get tired. We get short with the ones we love. But even those moments, once mended, bring us closer and create so much growth and connection that I can’t help but be thankful for them.

Just wanted to share the joy. And this message of gratitude. Hope you are having just as wonderful of a day.

There is something amazing that happens to your soul when you stay in a state of thanksgiving. It pours out of you. Smiles and laughter are hard to contain.

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Sunday self care (5)

Today is Veterans day here in the US. We honor those who have served to protect and defend our nation and it’s people. I’m so grateful to live in a country where I’m free to make my own choices and live the life I chose. We are so used to having our freedoms we don’t often think enough about the sacrifices made to obtain and keep them. Today we do. Flags go up, cemeteries are visited and decorated and we thank our veterans.

As I’m getting to enjoy a weekend with daughter at college, I wasn’t thinking much about this. But because of others sacrifices, I was able to drive my own car, 5 hours away from home, by myself, eat where I choose, walk around the park, enjoy a lovely afternoon and evening… At complete peace about my safety.

To all those who don’t have this luxury and it should be a right but I acknowledge it isn’t for some… May you continue to find ways to be free. May you continue to seek personal ways to find that peace within yourself. I hope all those who don’t have these same “freedoms”, keep pushing and fighting for them.

Today I honor all veterans and remember my freedoms are due to their sacrifices.

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How great it is…

This is a great beginning to a sentence.  So many positive pictures come to my mind when I think about how I could fill in and end that sentence.

One sentence would be…How great it is to be a blogger.  I am loving sharing my life and experiences with y’all.  This community is so supportive of each other and all the comments are showing me that people need to hear about NPD.  People need to know predators exist, the signs and what to watch for so hopefully others can avoid the pain they bring.

Another would be, how great it is to speak the truth.  How great we can become when we no longer live in the dark, no longer live under fear or control.  When we realize that living in honesty opens are hearts wide open.

How great it is to know I’m able to love and live freely now. Even with the Narc, still today, trying to control, somehow finding a way to contact me even when he isn’t “supposed” to.  Like I’ve posted, narcs do not understand boundaries.  How great it is to no longer care.  To know that I’m no longer bound.  I’m no longer required to hold his secrets.  To cater to whatever he wishes.

How great it is to live in peace within yourself.  This life can be so amazing. When you are out of the cave and no longer squinting in the sun,  instead spreading your arms wide to embrace it you can’t help all but shout with joy.

Leaving the cave,  the darkness…it opens so many opportunities.  You can’t help but walk around with a smile, you survived a special kind of hell.

I am so grateful for this avenue to have a voice.  For all of you who reach out to me.  Knowing many of these posts have reached those who might’ve been dealing with the same cycle of abuse and needed to hear a supportive voice, makes being transparent worth it.

How great it is to see a fabulous future ahead.  To continue to enjoy sharing the ups and downs of this life we all have, with each of you.  I enjoy reading your blogs and learning from y’all as well.

How great it is to see that my small little blog is seen all over the world.  I love checking the stats just to see where ya’ll are from. As I commented in my video, we may have never connected with each other in any other setting.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your life experiences.  May we all continue to lift each other up on this life journey.  And bring joy and blessings to each we come in contact with, no matter how we go about it.

How great it is… 🙂


PS: I thought I would add this video!  I love her posts and this seemed so fitting for the Narc that cannot seem to leave me alone!  Jeez.  She says it so well!  I laugh out loud at all of her stuff!  Most definitely…why would you watch or read???