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Sunday reflections (9)

It feels like spring again today! Waking up to the sunshine is such a positive way to rise. There is a hope that springs brings that is different than any other season. Promises of new, fresh and beautiful are on the horizon.

As I’m enjoying my quiet morning before the daily symphony of folks awaken, I’m reflecting on this statement:

Spring is the time for new. We have some exciting new changes and adventures we are planning and working on this spring. Can’t wait to see the fruit these produce.

Are you planning for new? Any beginnings coming your way? Watch for what may be coming, new life sprouts soon.

Have a fabulous day!

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Honor the women

Today we honor women and the impact they have on this world.  It’s International Women’s Day.  I didn’t really know why or the reasoning behind this day so I thought I would look it up.  Here is what I found:

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every year. After women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917, March 8 became a national holiday there. The day was then predominantly celebrated by the socialist movement and communist countries until it was adopted in 1975 by the United Nations.  

And I found that each year there is a theme.  This year, the theme is “Balance for Better.”  The 2019 initiative is aimed at gender equality, a greater awareness of discrimination and a celebration of women’s achievements, according to the International Women’s Day website.

In honor of today I want to thank all those that had to suffer to make our voices be heard.  Those that have marched, sacrificed and fought to bring the rights I enjoy every day into fruition.  I can go get a job.  I can cash my own paycheck.  I can drive a car.  I can marry or divorce whom I choose.  And so many, many more things that I take for granted because of the millions of women that have gone before me to create these freedoms.

Thank you to all the women who are still fighting oppression in countries I have never been to.  Stay strong and know that there are many supporting you and taking up your cause.  International Women’s Day is proof of how far women have come to better this world for themselves and all.  How we continue to be the heart; to be strong in the face of adversary and to rise up!  Not against others; but together.

Enjoy and honor your women today.  Take special care with the older women who know challenges us younger gals will never have to face.  Thank them.

I love these two quotes from Maya Angelou:

“You have tried to destroy me and though I perish daily, I shall not be moved.” 

“I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.” 

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Sunday reflections (7)

Good morning world!  It’s attempting to snow this early morning in the northwest.  It’s pretty to watch and I hope it sticks around long enough to get some play time.  A rare event here in the northwest.

As I am thinking of all I need to finish up today before the work week begins again, I am reflecting on this quote:

This is important to me because I am wanting to make significant progress on my goals this year.  I am a great talker, a great starter but somewhere in the middle I falter and find I often do not follow through enough to complete what I started.  This year I have set some big intentions that I am committed to tackling.  So I am reflecting this morning on how important the Actions are! Stating intent is great!  Necessary!  But it’s in the doing where we find the fruit and growth.  I do not want to be just a talker!  I want to be a doer!  I want to experience all the great things that accomplishing goals brings!

Today is about the actions!  Not the words.  I challenge you if this is an area you struggle with, be intentional today! Write down one or two things you can do today, the next few hours to move forward in your pursuit of your best life.  Join me as I tackle my own list.  Together we will start to see the changes and that actions do speak louder than words!

Have a fabulous Sunday wherever you are!  Live with intention to be the best you!


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I started this blog one year ago today. It was with the intent to offer hope, inspiration and confidence to anyone that might read. It was my way to work through the pain and grief of ending a relationship with a man I loved who was terrible for and to me. My way to understand who he was, why and how he could do the things he did and call that love. By far the blog posts about narcissistic personality disorder and the recovery from that relationship have been the most popular.

It was not my intent to be outspoken about NPD. It wasn’t to demoralize the man I suffered from. It was to understand as much as I could about this type of relationship. All the stages of it I felt were important to share as I researched and worked through the healing process. I wanted to offer hope for anyone in a similar situation. And to show that it is possible to learn to love yourself again after this type of trauma. This blog was started with the intent to help others find their best life, as I worked to find mine.

One year later and almost a year of no contact, I am overjoyed to be in love with my life again. To have accepted the me that could love the Narc and allow that type of abuse. To have worked through the entire process of healing and understand truly what love is and how one should be treated within that love. To have learned how to process loss and see joy on the other side. To tackle my own demons and free myself from their shackles.

This year of blogging has been a journey of so many things. Self-discovery. Raw pain. Vulnerability. Joy. To be on the other side of NPD abuse and to now have a relationship with a man that accepts and understands who I am, who I want to be and helps me along the way in this adventure of life, is a piece of that joy. Knowing WHO I am and working daily to be MY BEST SELF is the greatest part of this journey.

I am thankful for all I learned this last year. Thank you all who have joined me here. To all those who have and still read about NPD, I hope this blog helps provide useful tools. I hope to spend this next year more focused on Joy. On Abundance and Living a Life You Love!

Here’s to more posts and continuing to learn to be our best selves.

Happy Anniversary!

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Friday’s Word (8)

Today’s word is a word that I love, that I do not think I use often enough nor experience as much as I would like.  But this year I see this happening more and more.  One way to have more in your life is to, “pick the weeds, but keep the flowers”; to borrow a line from a song I like.  I am already filling my life up with the flowers!  I hope that you all experience more of this as well.


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Friday’s Word (4)

I’ve been listening to some fabulous speakers, authors, and life coaches the past few weeks.  Listening to TEDs talks and watching youtube videos.  I’m a committed lifetime learner, to growing and changing, hopefully, each day becoming better than the day before.

And one thing stood out to me yesterday from this one incredible woman.  She said “let your baggage fuel you.  Stand on your story.  See what and where you come from as because of instead of despite of.”

This week my mind has been on all of the things many of these speakers have talked about, which leads me to today’s word…transformation.


See I want to be transformed!  I want to grow, to live the life I dream of.  I don’t want mediocrity!  I want all the things that I dream of as possibilities to become reality.  Not that my life is some terrible life, sure I have things I would change, but it’s not all that difficult.  But I want more, I want to truly LOVE my life!  To be on fire, passionate about this life!

To get this, I have to be willing to be transformed into a new being.  Be willing to make changes to my daily life, we have to be willing to take risks and to fall or fail, but to fail forward and to learn when we fall.  I have to be willing to let go of the past, to stop letting it hinder my future.  We often get stuck in the could have, should have, would have’s of this life.  Or the if only’s as I have mentioned before.  But to truly transform, we have to let go and I love the idea that we have to STAND ON OUR STORY, stop letting it break us, instead let it fuel us!  Let our stories be told, let them be the jumping off point for propelling us forward.

I think becoming the women, the mothers, the wives, friends, etc that we want to be, to reach the greatness that we all have the potential to achieve, we have to be willing to be transformed…to go through a dramatic change and come out a new being.   As I celebrated another birthday, as I am blessed to live another day, I hope to keep changing and growing so that I am transformed into who I am meant to be.  May you be as well.